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3 Wolves, 1 Moon

3 Wolves, 1 Moon

That's no moon...

Wait, yes it is.  And there are three wolves howling at it.  IYKYK, or something.


This panel measures 18"x18" and is made of entirely Bull$eye gla$$.  And there's PINK in there.  I basically had to take out a second mortgage on my circus tent to procure the materials for this piece.  #hatethecircusnottheclown


It looks glorious as a front-lit wall-hanging, or backlit in front of a window as pictured.


Lead came on this panel was left in it's natural color.  The zinc frame also remains uncolored, but can be blackened on request.  (Please use the custom text area for this)

    $500.00 Regular Price
    $400.00Sale Price
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