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From the moment you enter our site until you receive your art delivery, our team has one goal in mind: to make your experience as enjoyable and satisfactory as possible. Our professionals are available whenever and wherever you need them, to provide the advice, guidance, and other services you demand.


Have a photograph or picture that you'd like to make into a stained glass piece but don't know how to create a pattern?  Let The_Glassclown help!  With very rare exceptions, every piece that The_Glassclown creates is from a pattern drafted by @The_Glassclown.



At @The_Glassclown, we know finding that perfect piece of artwork isn’t always easy.  So instead of waiting to find something that is totally awesome, let's build something totally awesome together!  Bring your ideas, pictures, thoughts, drawings, etc. (or don't!) and we'll do the rest.



@The_Glassclown has grown over time to become a well-renowned purveyor of stained glass goods; a popular destination for devoted art lovers and collectors. Your piece will ship in a custom-made wooden box. Every piece is meticulously packed to ensure its unharmed delivery to its destination, despite the rigors of domestic parcel services.



Have a stained glass panel or window that needs a new frame?  We can help you with that!  High quality wooden frames made in the USA can be added to any panel.  We can also add reinforcing zinc frames to floppy or sagging panels to provide long-term strength and stability. 

Please contact us for a free estimate.



Are there windows in your circus tent that could use some dressing up?  Or a blank space on a wall that would look totally rad with an LED-illuminated stained glass panel of your favorite cartoon?  We do dat.

Stained glass is a beautiful and easy way to add color to a space that gets natural light through a window or door (or skylight!).

Transoms, arches, doors, sidelights...everything looks better with colorful glass.  "It really do be like that sometimes."



Glass breaks.  A lot.  And sometimes it just gets old and weathered and could use a little TLC.

Please contact us for a free estimate.


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