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Bad News Fry 3 Panel Meme Panel

Bad News Fry 3 Panel Meme Panel

Want to own the coolest dry-erase message board this side of the year 3000?  Now you can, with your very own Bad News Fry 3 Panel Meme Panel from @the_glassclown!


Poster-sized panel measures ~17"x25" and is made from 100% opaque Bull$eye glass.  While intended to hang on your kitchen wall (you know, for grocery lists and soccer practice reminders, oh and chicken and stove top!), this panel looks pretty freakin' sweet hanging in a window.


Because glass, any marker can be removed easily from the white space (or wherever!) with a cloth or dry eraser (if using dry-erase marker) or solvent (if using sharpie or other permanent marker).


Optional wooden frame can be added for elegance and to class up the joint.  Still looks pretty slick without it, though.

    $800.00 Regular Price
    $680.00Sale Price
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